Window Cleaner

Why we use therm0-Clean Pole Technology

We use pure water to clean your windows because your glass manufacturer used it when making your windows.  It's simply the best way to do the job.  When Isothermal Pure Water is applied to your windows it rapidly dissolves and absorbs dirt and grime safely.  This means we can complete the job in less time and pass the saving on to you.

  • To produce our Isothermal Pure Water we use the latest modern filtration technology which removes the minerals, chemicals and sediment from the water.

  • Environmentally friendly; no detergents or chemicals

  • Windows stay cleaner longer as there are no sticky detergent residues to attract dirt

  • Pole technology allows access to previously inaccessible windows

  • Reduces the need for ladders which damage tiles, gutters, window sills and gardens

  • Operatives work from the safety of the ground so no upsetting accidents to deal with

  • After brushing and rinsing your windows with Pure Isothermal water, they will dry without smears, spotting and watermarks.

If you have never experienced the difference that the Pure Water System with Pole Technology makes, why not ask for a free demonstration?  If you have a fascia or another part of your home that needs some attention, we'd love to have the opportunity to show you the difference we can make.